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Dr. Shalini Singh

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Tuesday 4th November - Saturday 15th November 2014




Dr. Shalini Singh


Dr. Shalini Singh attended Bishop Anstey High School and completed her B.A, M.Phil and Ph.D degrees at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad.  A recipient of first class honours and a post-graduate scholarship, Shalini currently teaches Visual Arts at the Diego Martin Central Secondary School, Art History at the Fashion and Design Department, UTT and Ideas in Contemporary Art at the University of the West Indies. 

Shalini is a long standing member of the Women in Art Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago and the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago. She has exhibited with Canvas Caribbean and has donated works to several charitable societies including the Gynaecological and Obstetrical Society of Trinidad and Tobago, The American Women’s Club of Trinidad and Tobago and The Rape Crisis Society of Trinidad and Tobago. She has exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions and her works were exhibited in New York, Colombia, Guyana and Miami.





Since the dawn of history, the Sun has been regarded as a bestower of light and a point of orientation for animals, hunters and farmers.   Indeed, the Sun is an energy source that links all life. It is also regarded as an ‘all-seeing eye of justice and equality.’  

The Sun is the focal point of religious rituals, cultural and seasonal festivals and it was a source of inspiration to Prehistoric societies. It is revered in the Rg Veda, as Sûrya, the God of gods.  The Sun was likened to great kings and conquerors of the past. Ancient civilisations adored the Sun and transformed it into solar deities. The Greeks modelled the shape of Truth on the Sun so that Truth literally became round like the Sun. Navajo Indians believed that ritualistic images of the Sun in sand had curative powers for maladies.

The Sun is represented in the collection of work to pay homage to this ‘resplendent star,’ or symbol of spiritual luminosity. Images of the Sun are portrayed in concentric shapes, dots, or rays emanating from circles. Colours of fire are dominant and symbols of the Sun are represented as trees, birds, masks, eyes and discs.  Forms are juxtaposed like building blocks; some regress to the depths, others spread as threads to radiate ‘solar’ energy and vitality throughout the canvases. I am inspired by this divine light source as it emits brilliant and positive vibrations. The Sun is the fundamental source of growth, renewal, nourishment, fecundity, fruition, creative energy and it represents a fountainhead of enlightenment. 

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Tuesday 25th November


Saturday 6th December 2014