The Gallery at Fine Art

is proud to present 

our featured artist 


Anil Bridgelal






Born in 1978, Anil Bridgelal attended Barrackpore Senior Comprehensive where he studied the sciences. Unfortunately, art was not an option in the schools science programme and were it not for the dedication of an art teacher, who recognized his talent and took the time during lunch-break to teach and guide him, the budding artist may have stopped painting. With the encouragement of this teacher and the support from those who saw his work, Bridgelal has continued to develop and hone his craft over the years.

As a youngster growing up in the country side of Barrackpore, Anil had a love and passion for the natural environment. His paintings of various local river scenes, seascapes, swamps and floral scenes mirror this heart-felt representation of nature's glory.

His medium of choice is acrylic and oils and he is known for capturing the finer details of his subject matter.

Bridgelal says he wants his paintings to be loved and appreciated for what they portray; the majesty and wonder of nature.

.The artist has worked with various charitable functions such as the American’s Women’s Club and the Royal Heart Youth Foundation.

In 2006 he had is first solo show at The Gallery at Fine Art titled “Through My Eyes”.  That year the management of Kapok Hotel commissioned 12 paintings by Anil for their 2007 calendar 

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