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Twenty nine year-old (29 ) Kenderson Noray loved to draw at an early age. Growing up in the subdued hills of Paramin, Kenderson Noray was heavily influenced by the laid back nature of the people and the vibrant colours of his environment. At eighteen he entered a few village competitions, in which he won all, one of which was judged by Lisa O’Connor and Cynthia Ellis who recommended him to an artist in Arima named Sheila Edwards. 
Sheila Edwards tutored Kenderson for three (3) years in advanced painting and drawing courses. Edwards further recommended that Noray pursue his love for art at the University of the West Indies. At university, his class went on several field trips allowing him to meet some local artists learning about their life experiences in Art. The one that had the most impact on him was Ian “Sundiata” Stewart.

Because of the nature of interest in the same genre of art, it was only natural that the two would collaborate on ideas and working together in the studio and drawing/painting on site with Kenderson trying to learn as much as he could from his mentor. 

With regards to the subject matter, landscapes and seascapes play a bigger role in his work, maybe because he is so consumed by it and his "trying" to understand its inner workings, be it by plein air or photographic interpretations, as he is heavily influenced by art, past and present, in his work he tries to navigate a fine line between both.

Presently his work can be seen at well-known Art Galleries across the country

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